Welcome to Horse Hill Developments Ltd

Horse Hill Developments (“HHDL”) was formed to drill, appraise and develop any hydrocarbons found at the Horse Hill wellsite, located in licence PEDL137 in the Weald Basin, 3km north of Gatwick Airport.

HHDL originally drilled the Horse Hill-1 (HH-1) oil discovery well in 2014 and followed with flow testing in February and March 2016. HH-1 tested at a commercial aggregate stable dry oil rate of 1,688 barrels of oil per day from the Portland and two Kimmeridge Limestone reservoir horizons.

The 2018 flow test programme follows the granting of planning permission by Surrey County Council in November 2017 and the subsequent discharge of their pre-commencement planning conditions in March 2018. Environment Agency approval for the full programme was granted in September 2017.

A 150-day production testing programme, focused on the Portland and both KL reservoirs, will commence shortly. As commercially viable initial flow rates were established by the 2016 flow tests, the 2018 programme's goal is to confirm that HH-1's reservoirs are each connected to a viable oil volume, enabling a declaration of commerciality to be made.

LATEST NEWS: Update on the Portland well test 18 July 2018. Click here to view.

Emergency phone number: 01483 660410